About Us

You may have noticed that your kids have opinions.

Strong opinions. Strong, raging, nonsensical opinions that, depending on age, range from the angle at which you cut their sandwiches, to the music in the car, and how much you suck as a human.

And they all have opinions on their clothes. If you’ve ever tried to clothe an unwilling child you’ll know it’s about as easy as putting a wetsuit on a kangaroo.

So you’d best be sure you find them an outfit they like. That’s where Ten Past Monkey comes in.


Consider us a curated wardrobe of unique styles from all over the world. An online wardrobe that’s always there when you need it. Though in a non-creepy way. Well, in a slightly creepy way.

You’ll find more unisex offerings, quirky Euro humor, goth, punk, tattoo inspired fashions, and the unexpected.

Oh, what’s the point? There’s no way you’ve had the time to read this far. Not if you have kids. We could write anything.

Turnip burp squirrel bison. See. Keanu Reeves trapped in a treehouse. This is fun. Regardless, welcome, it’s always Ten Past Monkey around here.