Mission Statement

Our mission is to help parents find a style as unique as their child. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a hub for curated alternative kids fashion and accessories. We carry brands from all over the world, but without the hefty price tag. We scour the planet for the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies with a myriad of creative inspirations.

Based out of Los Angeles, this is oftentimes culled from places ranging from local parents selling a limited batch of made to order pieces, to vendors and companies in various countries such as USA, China, UK, Korea, Thailand to name a few. Being parents first, we understand having kids can be a messy, wild ride where they grow up and out of things fast. Our brand believes in the indie-kid-dual and takes your childs’ creativity seriously. Whether your curious explorer is going on an adventure to save the world or off to dismantle the system we’re getting down to their level and confirming that it’s not only okay to be a kid with a huge imagination, but it is preferred. That’s why we sell clothes to inspire. Clothes that build a story and a journey with a plot that your kids star in.

We’re your one-stop-shop for alternative, street styles, with more unisex offerings, and of course the unexpected. Much more of the unexpected. Not only are we selling merch here, but we are of the mindset that the foundation of the brand stems from the desire to create a space where parents (who don’t always necessarily feel like parents) and their family can call home.

Whether it be for the purpose of creativity, growth, diversity, newness, style, advice, authenticity, camaraderie, support, quick delivery, self-expression, quality customer service, a solution perhaps, or maybe even a simple chuckle to brighten your day, Ten Past Monkey is there for you. Take a peek at our shop today for some inspiration.